Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fat Fashion Blogging: Birthday buzz! - The Diary of a Fat Girl 18

It's amazing that I've been on this planet for a total of  19 years! It's unbelievable that in a year, I will no longer be a teenager. My thanks to everyone who greeted me on February 28 and March 1.

Now you might be thinking, why in the world were people greeting me on two consecutive days? Well, I was born on a leap year; February 29 1996, a true blue leap year baby, therefore I only have "true" birthdays every four years, meaning that if you count all the leap years that I've celebrated, I would only be 4 years old. HAHAHA. I'd be 20...I mean 5 years old next year. :))

Ever since migrating back to the Philippines, I haven't had a birthday party, 1. because they said I was getting too old, 2. it's freaking expensive to feed all my friends. Usually, my family and I just go out to eat whatever I want and I get to buy something I want as a gift, mostly clothes, shoes, or both. This year though, a gift was not yet procured because we just didn't have the time and haven't found exactly the gift which would satisfy me. So we ate pizza and I bought myself a cake. #sadlife. :))=))

Of course, a new year in my life is a big deal, so I mustered up all the confidence I had and welcomed a new year in my life in a crop top.

Look #1
Birthday Buzz

Top: Long-sleeved crop top New Look
Bottoms: Some bazaar we went to :))
Shoes: New Look
Bag: New Look

Look #2
Birthday Buzz
This is what I wore originally due to comfort. I changed to a skirt just...because.

Top:Long Sleeved crop top New Look
Bottoms: n/a
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Houndstooth Clutch New Look
Jacket: Light Denim New Look

This week and the following weeks will be a total hellweek because it's finals week, and I've said "week" too many times; it's time for me to go to class.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fat Fashion Blogging: Little Snippets - The Diary of a Fat Girl 17

It's been several months since I've last posted a look - and still we've no internet connection, but I've already had some looks prepared for when I can finally post again. :))

Here's a snippet of my Spring predictions look which in my opinion, would be filled with GINGHAM prints and denims.
Spring will also feature florals, which I think has become a staple for the season. Denim is not only a staple, but a classic. Everyone should have more than just denim jeans in their closet. Recently I've developed a liking for it in the form of denim skirts, rompers, tops, even bags. It's just a versatile fabric that goes good with everything, but be careful not to go overboard like two of my most favorite stars...

Always remember that symmetry and balance play big roles in dressing up.

Look #1 is where I'm playing with softer figures & a lighter denim resulting in a much more feminine look. Since crop tops have also turned into a staple, I tied the bottom of my gingham blouse to create the effect.

Top: New Look
Bottom: New Look Light Denim Circle Skirt
Shoes: H&M Nude Wedges

Look # 2 is comprised of a denim jumper/overalls which creates a more "rocker-esque" look, because the dark denim tends to make the look more edgy overall. The dark denim contrasts with the gingham's feminine vibes and balances the look.
Top: New Look Gingham print blouse
Bottom/Overalls: vintage(basically found it in the back of my closet)
Shoes: New Look floral wedge

On the brow: Maybelline brow pencil
On the eyes: H&M Felt-tip Eyeliner
On the face: Maybelline BB Cream & bhCosmetics Blush Duo in Tulip
On the lip: Rimmel London - 030 Tell No One

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Update - No Internet since November!

Hi guys, I haven't been able to post for several months now because we're currently moving and I've been very busy with school and church activities, it disappoints me that I can't keep posting looks but as soon as we're settled, I'll be back on track! <3

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fat Fashion Blogging: Blank Space on LOOKBOOK.nu | The Diary of a Fat Girl 16

Hello my lovelies! Today's look is another very simple look that utilizes pieces that are very attractive to the eyes, producing a look that seems as if I've worked hard on putting it together but in reality I just pulled it out of my closet in under 2 minutes. We have to remember that just by mixing and matching perfect pieces together & learning to make certain clothes complement each other, we could create a stunning outfit. Add a bit of accessories here and there, pick out the perfect shoes & hairstyle & you're good to go!

Again, thank you to my 12-yr.-old sister, Ruth, affectionately known as Lutching, Lutchie, or as I call her, Tuti/Suti(I don't know where I got it either) for being my photographer.

Blank Space
: Bershka sleeveless cropped top
Bottom: Iconic black & yellow checkered pencil skirt
Jacket: H&M light denim
Shoes: H&M 

It seems that recently, my blog posts don't have a whole month in between of them :)) Thank you to all my readers & I hope you guys enjoy my posts! Please always feel free to comment either on FaceBook or here for any suggestions you have, comments or reactions and I'll get back to them a.s.a.p.!

Love you all. <3

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fat Fashion: No Air | LOOKBOOK.nu, tips on posing for my round ladies - The Diary of A Fat Girl 15

Another look for another week; this week's look is one of my outfits for laid back days.
Obviously I had a blast having my pictures taken, but my 12-year-old sister-slash-photographer did not, so I bribed her with ice cream, works every time.

No Air
Top: H&M - actually it's a bodycon dress :)
Bottom: Maroon circle skirt - New Look
Shoes: Asos - a gift from my Tita Jel of The Pink Tarha! (Thank you tita, love the shoessss.)
Necklace: Parfois
Watch: Juicy Couture (I've been wearing this watch a lot recently; mainly because most
of my other watches are out of battery and I am just too lazy to get them fixed :))

Now for some actual reading content!

Posing for pictures is definitely not one of my strengths, in no way am I photogenic. Ever since my elementary/grade school days, cameras have stricken a little bit of fear in me, rendering me forever ugly in my photos. Upon reaching my 4th year in high school, a realization struck me that one of the best ways to keep good memories is to keep pictures, unless one has photographic memories. Since then I've trained myself to smile in photos and not to look so ugly.

When I entered fashion school, we used to have this weekly mini photo shoot in the hallway called "Fashion Fridays" every, you guessed it, Friday. On Wednesdays a mood board or inspiration board would be flashed on the info-TV in the lobby where we'd base off our looks. A winner would be chosen at the end of the month(or semester?), and would be rewarded by Ava.com. By that time, I've mustered up enough confidence to join in on the photo shooting fun. After that I've stumbled upon LookBook, where one has to learn to properly pose for shots if one wants to have proper photos. (Thanks to my friends and classmates, Kim & Ariana, for being my photographers and for teaching me to look like a female human.)

Chriselle Lim of www.thechrisellefactor.com also gave a set of tips for posing, which I have taken to heart and used in these pictures. Here is the link to her post:


In all honesty, I still use Photoshop on my pictures, but not as much as I used to after reading these tricks, but let me add some more.

1. Find your good side if you are not very confident about your whole look. For my chubby ladies, based on personal experience, it seems that posing with my legs crossed over & shoulders raised higher than usual gives me a better silhouette. It creates the illusion of a smaller waist and stronger shoulders.

2. Try out different poses that look flattering on you. Do this in front of a mirror or someone, critique yourself and do not be afraid to experiment. Having your hands on your hips makes your waist look tinier, especially when wearing outfits that cling to the waist such as my pictures (fitted top & circle skirt resting on the waist),  which brings us to number 3,

3. Choose your outfit wisely. Everybody has different body types & different styles, but not everything looks good on us. I have more of an hourglass body type or pear-shaped, most of the focus always falls on my hips and big, fat thighs(haha). Therefore, when I style my clothes, my choice must always be carefully thought of, or at least one must always be aware of her/his body type even when dressing casually. My usual choice always consist of dresses that define my waist and flare out(circle skirts, empire-cut dresses or tops, high-waist pants & shorts).

4. Last but not the least, remember to have fun. If you don't feel like taking photos, then don't! You wont look as good as you do when you have the vibe for it. Do not forget to enjoy the moment, these pictures will also serve as memory reservoirs that you can look back to in the future, and don't listen to those people that always say bad things about your photos! "You look soooo fat there." "You're too photogenic for your own good!", although some criticism may be constructive, we have to be wise enough to know which ones are helpful and which ones are just bullcrap. Not even I can tell you which is which, we just have to be smart enough to know who wants to help us and who's just full of it.

Use these tips & tricks for your next photo shoot, pictorial, or just plain fun. Hope you all enjoy and have a good week ahead!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fat Fashion Blog: Previous Looks + Semestral Break - The Diary of a Fat Girl 14

I'll be honest with all of you; I am not a responsible blogger. Mainly because my life is not interesting & most of the time I am stuck at home with nothing to talk about.

Anyway, the last few weeks gave me something to blog about! My friends invited me over to finally be able to catch up with them, and we had one heck of a good time. Many thanks to our host, my good friend Maxine, who also just happens to be one of the people that worked hard to get my parents' approval, along with Kristine & Jade(love you guys!). We met at SM Manila at about 7 pm at McDonald's and waited for everybody else to arrive.

L-R: Maxine, Me
Top Right: Kristine, MJ. Me, Jade, Rhys
Middle: Kristine, MJ, Me, Jade, Rhys
Bottom: Jade, Kristine, Maxine, Rhys, Me, Arthur, Hisham, MJ
Right after our overnight fun at Maxine's, I headed home and went to Pampanga immediately for our church's fellowship activites with no sleep & no food, just me full of sweat, tired to the bones and stuffed in the back seat of our car with my two sisters. Our family and other passengers arrived a bit late but just in time to join in on the games, which just drove me to total fatigue. All the activities required us to be active 75% of the time, especially the youth, and I'm running on 2 hours of sleep with barely enough food to keep me energized for the following affairs of the day. After all the hustle & bustle, we had a few minutes to play our youth group's new addiction; Word Factory, we spent a few minutes locked in battle while partaking of our merienda. Thanks to my mom who introduced her past time to my youth mates, we've been addicted to it for days. We jumped in the car and headed straight to church, and that's the only place where I actually got some proper shut eye, for about an hour or two, then we arrived at church where we proceeded to practice for Sunday Service, and play some more Word Factory.

Due to being stuck at home for most of the semester break, I've only been able to document 2 looks. Again, check me out for me on LookBook!


Top:  H&M basic black shirt
Bottoms: Cotton On leggings
Romper/Circle Skirt: New Look
Necklace: New Look
Watch: Juicy Couture
Shoes: Converse
This is what I wore on the last day of the first semester; entitled "Lazywear" for somewhat obvious reasons, 1.) I did not actually think this outfit through, 2.) These are a bunch of clothes put together in under 3 minutes, that is all.

(trying to hide my ferociously ginormous arms)

Absolutely Fabulous
Top: Bershka crop top
Bottoms: New Look Tartan print circle skirt
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Juicy Couture
Shoes: New Look nude flatforms 
Sunglasses: H&M

Aptly titled "Absolutely Fabulous", because I am. Just kidding, but it's obviously inspired by my crop top's print.

 ...and that is all! Since classes have started again last Monday, I'll be able to blog more than usual and post more looks because Saturdays are casual days(we wear uniforms in college, IN COLLEGE), because I am one of those unlucky kids that has classes during Saturdays. Thank you all for taking some of your precious time to check out my blog. Love you all <3

Watch out for my looks on LookBook.nu


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Looks from the past weeks! Fat Fashion Blogging- The Diary of A Fat Girl 13

Hello world of fat fashion. Here are some of the previous looks posted on my LookBook account.

Look from our College Night 8/22/2014
Top: Boy London
Bottom: Uniqlo Jeggings
Outerwear: New Look Denim Jacket
Shoes: H&M
Accessories: Chunky Dual-Tone Chain Necklace - H&M
Watch- Juicy Couture
Rings- H&M

Top: New Look
Bottom: n/a
Outerwear: H&M Kimono
Shoes: H&M
Accessories: Necklace - H&M
Watch - Jeremy Scott's Swatch collection
Rings - H&M
Look from Saturday's class 9/6/2014

Rings from H&M
Watch from Jeremy Scott's Swatch collection

Watch out for my looks on LookBook.nu

Lovelots <3