Wednesday, April 1, 2015

New make up techniques!(Or maybe they're only new to me) - The Diary of a Fat Girl 22

Today I was browsing random videos on the internet when once more I found myself viewing several make up tutorial videos, similar to the one that got me started on the path to make up artistry. I am not a certified make up artist; meaning that I do not yet have any sort of certificate to prove my authenticity, but my experience is a game-changer. Although I have only been doing make up for a couple of years, it has been practiced on several faces of several female(and sometimes male) friends, colleagues and clients, and yes I have been paid to do make up several times.

My favorite YouTube make up guru would be Michelle Phan, my passion for make up began when I first viewed her make up tutorial of Lady GaGa's Poker Face, second would be her sister-in-law, Promise Phan(dope2111), her amazing transformation skills inspired me to try some, which I would gladly feature in tomorrow's blogpost, third would be ItsJudyTime's Judy, gotta love my Filipina homegirls(I love her kids, too!) and my fourth would be GossMakeUpArtist's Wayne, who is just truly talented, give him a brush and a dab of foundation and he can erase your pores. Today I viewed Wayne's video on a make up seminar he attended held by Sonia&Fyza (, and he talked about this new trick he learned which made the model's skin turn porcelain, as smooth as silk and almost velvet. I was hesitant at first thinking that it would require high end make up, brushes and correctly prepped skin, but when I tried it on myself I was mesmerized and couldn't stop taking pictures of myself.

The technique is called "buffing", and it requires a.) a fairly large powder brush or a kabuki brush & b.) pressed powder, loose powder or translucent powder.

First things first, (I'm the realest, loljk, ok that was corny), apply your usual foundation and concealer, then proceed to contours and highlights on the noseline, cheeks and temples. Lastly apply powder to set everything to place. Once you're through, begin by loading your clean powder or kabuki brush and then just buff it on to your face in a circular motion. Apply some pressure to the brush while doing so so that the powder will really seep into the layers of make up.

Applying the routine - concealer, foundation then pressed powder.
(Obviously I've applied the make up beforehand I was just posing because I forgot to take pics haha)

This is my two-headed Foundation + Powder brush from H&M which costs SR 29.00. It's an essential in my make up kit because it doesn't take up much space compared to having two separate brushes and it's just fantastic. One side applies foundation perfectly and another gently brushes on powder to set the look.

Two-headed applicator brush; Foundation + Powder brush
H&M, SAR 29.00

Powder head
Foundation head
This is my small kabuki brush that I've also purchased at H&M, I think it costs SR 39.00. They're fairly easy to find in your local drugstore(Watson's) or at SM department stores or any make up store. Kabuki brushes are essentially similar to a blush brush or a powder brush but with a very tiny handle which allows for easier blending and buffing, which is why I suggest you use it rather than your usual powder brush. Using a powder brush is fine, too, but given that it's required for you to apply pressure on the brush when you're buffing, the brush itself might not be able to handle the pressure and could potentially destroy the bristles or the general shape of the brush.
The powder you're using doesn't have to be a pressed powder, but this is the one that I'm most comfortable in applying. This is Bench's Wonder Woman collection which I got for my 18th birthday from my best friends(love you guys xx) and it's in Natural.

Kabuki brush
H&M ; SAR 39.00

Bench x Wonder Woman Pressed Powder in Natural
I was unable to find it in their online store & I don't know the price since it was a gift to me
Don't be alarmed by applying a second layer of powder and thinking that it would look cakey or feel heavy on the skin because trust me, it doesn't. In my theory, the powder that you buff into the layers does not remain on top of the other layers, but rather works itself in between the products and allows the products to bond better and blend in properly, creating a velvety and smooth outer layer, giving your skin the semblance of a "filter", which most women(including me) apply to several of their selfies.

A few samples, as I said I couldn't stop taking selfies. #vaaainn.

zero pores on camera

Even in person, it seems as if my pores just evaporated in thin air. 

Hope y'all enjoy this nifty trick to make your make up rituals even more exciting.
Much love. xx

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Fat Fashion Blogging: And I Never Saw You Coming - The Diary of A Fat Girl 21

I'm sooo overusing this boyfriend shirt - no boyfriend included, though.
Soooo recently, I got hired for my very first summer job! It may seem weird to some that I'm already 19 and only getting my first summer job now, but it's just not a norm in my life, or in most people I know. I took a job as a seasonal call center agent because I didn't want to waste away my summer days again since my summer agenda doesn't match the usual agendas of people my age; e.g. going to the beach, partying, etcetera, you get it. That's not the kind of stuff I'm really in to, or am allowed to do(yes, in all honesty I'd like to try that sometime), but my comfort zone lies in my bed, therefore my summer breaks usually consist of me on my bed all day binge watching TV shows.
I'm super excited to start this new experience in my life and I'm so proud of myself for passing the interviews and exams without much effort, and I'm really having thoughts on continuing this job and transcend into a working student, but I highly doubt that I'll be allowed to do so and if I could actually keep it up. I just really wanted some extra moolah to spend on myself and to treat my family every now and then, like I've mentioned in my previous posts, living in this country really is a pain in the a**.
I guess the title of my post goes out to a.) the new job, b.) to this one person that I never decided to take seriously up to the last moment, when it was too damn late. It was really stupid of me to do that at the last minute, I wish that I did that ahead of time, or never at all. I'm not even 100% sure that he's serious about this shizznit to, sooooo nevermiiiind. This is one of the reasons I hate myself, even I don't understand me. Oh well, moving on, let me just focus on cats.
And I Never Saw You Coming
Top: H&M Basics & my new boyfriend shirt from a bazaar
Bottom: Iconic
Shoes: Keds

On The Face:
Face: Maybelline BB cream in 001 & E.L.F. concealer
Brows: Rimmel brow liner in Black Brown
Eyes: E.L.F. 100's palette, H&M Liquid Liner, H&M Long Lash Mascara
Cheeks: bh Cosmetics blush duo in Tulip
Lips: Cargo Cosmetics in Laval

Hope you guys don't make stupid choices as I did, and that you decide to devote your time to much more meaningful endeavors; and YOU, if you ever read this, I hate your face. Just kidding. Never mind.

Fat Fashion Blogging: Love Never Felt So Good - The Diary of A Fat Girl 20

Most of the clothes in this outfit belong to my mom, thanks for letting me use your clothes without your immediate knowledge and only telling you afterwards, Mom.

Thanks to our P.E. 2 final dance presentation with a Michael Jackson theme, I was able to procure this cute fedora, which surprisingly looks good with my hair & face shape. I never pictured myself wearing a hat because in my head, it doesn't fit me and it's kind of uncomfortable.

Top: H&M Sheer white button-up
Bottom: Black jeggings

On the face:
Face: Maybelline BB Cream in Ivory
Brows: Maybelline
Eyes: ELF 100 shades palette
Cheeks: bh Cosmetics BlushDuo in Tulip
Lips: Rimmel in Tell No One

Shoes: H&M

Necklace: New Look
Bag: New Look
Watch: Juicy Couture

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Fat Fashion Blogging: Addicted to this skirt - The Diary of A Fat Girl 19

Okay, this skirt is NOT overused, it's freaking abused. I'm sorry for recycling looks but when something just looks perf, you can't stop using it again and again!

You & Me Bleed The Same Light 
Top: H&M striped knit sweater
Bottoms: bazaar
Shoes: Asos
Bag: H&M

On The Face:
Brows: Rimmel Brow Liner in Black Brown
Eyes: E.L.F.'s 100's palette, H&M Liquid Liner
Face: Maybelline BB Cream in 001
ft. my new Chroma Blue contact lenses!
On The Hands:
Rings: Black Rose -Claire's
Gold & Blue - New Look
Bag: H&M

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fat Fashion Blogging: Birthday buzz! - The Diary of a Fat Girl 18

It's amazing that I've been on this planet for a total of  19 years! It's unbelievable that in a year, I will no longer be a teenager. My thanks to everyone who greeted me on February 28 and March 1.

Now you might be thinking, why in the world were people greeting me on two consecutive days? Well, I was born on a leap year; February 29 1996, a true blue leap year baby, therefore I only have "true" birthdays every four years, meaning that if you count all the leap years that I've celebrated, I would only be 4 years old. HAHAHA. I'd be 20...I mean 5 years old next year. :))

Ever since migrating back to the Philippines, I haven't had a birthday party, 1. because they said I was getting too old, 2. it's freaking expensive to feed all my friends. Usually, my family and I just go out to eat whatever I want and I get to buy something I want as a gift, mostly clothes, shoes, or both. This year though, a gift was not yet procured because we just didn't have the time and haven't found exactly the gift which would satisfy me. So we ate pizza and I bought myself a cake. #sadlife. :))=))

Of course, a new year in my life is a big deal, so I mustered up all the confidence I had and welcomed a new year in my life in a crop top.

Look #1
Birthday Buzz

Top: Long-sleeved crop top New Look
Bottoms: Some bazaar we went to :))
Shoes: New Look
Bag: New Look

Look #2
Birthday Buzz
This is what I wore originally due to comfort. I changed to a skirt just...because.

Top:Long Sleeved crop top New Look
Bottoms: n/a
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Houndstooth Clutch New Look
Jacket: Light Denim New Look

This week and the following weeks will be a total hellweek because it's finals week, and I've said "week" too many times; it's time for me to go to class.


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fat Fashion Blogging: Little Snippets - The Diary of a Fat Girl 17

It's been several months since I've last posted a look - and still we've no internet connection, but I've already had some looks prepared for when I can finally post again. :))

Here's a snippet of my Spring predictions look which in my opinion, would be filled with GINGHAM prints and denims.
Spring will also feature florals, which I think has become a staple for the season. Denim is not only a staple, but a classic. Everyone should have more than just denim jeans in their closet. Recently I've developed a liking for it in the form of denim skirts, rompers, tops, even bags. It's just a versatile fabric that goes good with everything, but be careful not to go overboard like two of my most favorite stars...

Always remember that symmetry and balance play big roles in dressing up.

Look #1 is where I'm playing with softer figures & a lighter denim resulting in a much more feminine look. Since crop tops have also turned into a staple, I tied the bottom of my gingham blouse to create the effect.

Top: New Look
Bottom: New Look Light Denim Circle Skirt
Shoes: H&M Nude Wedges

Look # 2 is comprised of a denim jumper/overalls which creates a more "rocker-esque" look, because the dark denim tends to make the look more edgy overall. The dark denim contrasts with the gingham's feminine vibes and balances the look.
Top: New Look Gingham print blouse
Bottom/Overalls: vintage(basically found it in the back of my closet)
Shoes: New Look floral wedge

On the brow: Maybelline brow pencil
On the eyes: H&M Felt-tip Eyeliner
On the face: Maybelline BB Cream & bhCosmetics Blush Duo in Tulip
On the lip: Rimmel London - 030 Tell No One