Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Update - No Internet since November!

Hi guys, I haven't been able to post for several months now because we're currently moving and I've been very busy with school and church activities, it disappoints me that I can't keep posting looks but as soon as we're settled, I'll be back on track! <3

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Fat Fashion Blogging: Blank Space on LOOKBOOK.nu | The Diary of a Fat Girl 16

Hello my lovelies! Today's look is another very simple look that utilizes pieces that are very attractive to the eyes, producing a look that seems as if I've worked hard on putting it together but in reality I just pulled it out of my closet in under 2 minutes. We have to remember that just by mixing and matching perfect pieces together & learning to make certain clothes complement each other, we could create a stunning outfit. Add a bit of accessories here and there, pick out the perfect shoes & hairstyle & you're good to go!

Again, thank you to my 12-yr.-old sister, Ruth, affectionately known as Lutching, Lutchie, or as I call her, Tuti/Suti(I don't know where I got it either) for being my photographer.

Blank Space
: Bershka sleeveless cropped top
Bottom: Iconic black & yellow checkered pencil skirt
Jacket: H&M light denim
Shoes: H&M 

It seems that recently, my blog posts don't have a whole month in between of them :)) Thank you to all my readers & I hope you guys enjoy my posts! Please always feel free to comment either on FaceBook or here for any suggestions you have, comments or reactions and I'll get back to them a.s.a.p.!

Love you all. <3

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fat Fashion: No Air | LOOKBOOK.nu, tips on posing for my round ladies - The Diary of A Fat Girl 15

Another look for another week; this week's look is one of my outfits for laid back days.
Obviously I had a blast having my pictures taken, but my 12-year-old sister-slash-photographer did not, so I bribed her with ice cream, works every time.

No Air
Top: H&M - actually it's a bodycon dress :)
Bottom: Maroon circle skirt - New Look
Shoes: Asos - a gift from my Tita Jel of The Pink Tarha! (Thank you tita, love the shoessss.)
Necklace: Parfois
Watch: Juicy Couture (I've been wearing this watch a lot recently; mainly because most
of my other watches are out of battery and I am just too lazy to get them fixed :))

Now for some actual reading content!

Posing for pictures is definitely not one of my strengths, in no way am I photogenic. Ever since my elementary/grade school days, cameras have stricken a little bit of fear in me, rendering me forever ugly in my photos. Upon reaching my 4th year in high school, a realization struck me that one of the best ways to keep good memories is to keep pictures, unless one has photographic memories. Since then I've trained myself to smile in photos and not to look so ugly.

When I entered fashion school, we used to have this weekly mini photo shoot in the hallway called "Fashion Fridays" every, you guessed it, Friday. On Wednesdays a mood board or inspiration board would be flashed on the info-TV in the lobby where we'd base off our looks. A winner would be chosen at the end of the month(or semester?), and would be rewarded by Ava.com. By that time, I've mustered up enough confidence to join in on the photo shooting fun. After that I've stumbled upon LookBook, where one has to learn to properly pose for shots if one wants to have proper photos. (Thanks to my friends and classmates, Kim & Ariana, for being my photographers and for teaching me to look like a female human.)

Chriselle Lim of www.thechrisellefactor.com also gave a set of tips for posing, which I have taken to heart and used in these pictures. Here is the link to her post:


In all honesty, I still use Photoshop on my pictures, but not as much as I used to after reading these tricks, but let me add some more.

1. Find your good side if you are not very confident about your whole look. For my chubby ladies, based on personal experience, it seems that posing with my legs crossed over & shoulders raised higher than usual gives me a better silhouette. It creates the illusion of a smaller waist and stronger shoulders.

2. Try out different poses that look flattering on you. Do this in front of a mirror or someone, critique yourself and do not be afraid to experiment. Having your hands on your hips makes your waist look tinier, especially when wearing outfits that cling to the waist such as my pictures (fitted top & circle skirt resting on the waist),  which brings us to number 3,

3. Choose your outfit wisely. Everybody has different body types & different styles, but not everything looks good on us. I have more of an hourglass body type or pear-shaped, most of the focus always falls on my hips and big, fat thighs(haha). Therefore, when I style my clothes, my choice must always be carefully thought of, or at least one must always be aware of her/his body type even when dressing casually. My usual choice always consist of dresses that define my waist and flare out(circle skirts, empire-cut dresses or tops, high-waist pants & shorts).

4. Last but not the least, remember to have fun. If you don't feel like taking photos, then don't! You wont look as good as you do when you have the vibe for it. Do not forget to enjoy the moment, these pictures will also serve as memory reservoirs that you can look back to in the future, and don't listen to those people that always say bad things about your photos! "You look soooo fat there." "You're too photogenic for your own good!", although some criticism may be constructive, we have to be wise enough to know which ones are helpful and which ones are just bullcrap. Not even I can tell you which is which, we just have to be smart enough to know who wants to help us and who's just full of it.

Use these tips & tricks for your next photo shoot, pictorial, or just plain fun. Hope you all enjoy and have a good week ahead!


Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fat Fashion Blog: Previous Looks + Semestral Break - The Diary of a Fat Girl 14

I'll be honest with all of you; I am not a responsible blogger. Mainly because my life is not interesting & most of the time I am stuck at home with nothing to talk about.

Anyway, the last few weeks gave me something to blog about! My friends invited me over to finally be able to catch up with them, and we had one heck of a good time. Many thanks to our host, my good friend Maxine, who also just happens to be one of the people that worked hard to get my parents' approval, along with Kristine & Jade(love you guys!). We met at SM Manila at about 7 pm at McDonald's and waited for everybody else to arrive.

L-R: Maxine, Me
Top Right: Kristine, MJ. Me, Jade, Rhys
Middle: Kristine, MJ, Me, Jade, Rhys
Bottom: Jade, Kristine, Maxine, Rhys, Me, Arthur, Hisham, MJ
Right after our overnight fun at Maxine's, I headed home and went to Pampanga immediately for our church's fellowship activites with no sleep & no food, just me full of sweat, tired to the bones and stuffed in the back seat of our car with my two sisters. Our family and other passengers arrived a bit late but just in time to join in on the games, which just drove me to total fatigue. All the activities required us to be active 75% of the time, especially the youth, and I'm running on 2 hours of sleep with barely enough food to keep me energized for the following affairs of the day. After all the hustle & bustle, we had a few minutes to play our youth group's new addiction; Word Factory, we spent a few minutes locked in battle while partaking of our merienda. Thanks to my mom who introduced her past time to my youth mates, we've been addicted to it for days. We jumped in the car and headed straight to church, and that's the only place where I actually got some proper shut eye, for about an hour or two, then we arrived at church where we proceeded to practice for Sunday Service, and play some more Word Factory.

Due to being stuck at home for most of the semester break, I've only been able to document 2 looks. Again, check me out for me on LookBook!


Top:  H&M basic black shirt
Bottoms: Cotton On leggings
Romper/Circle Skirt: New Look
Necklace: New Look
Watch: Juicy Couture
Shoes: Converse
This is what I wore on the last day of the first semester; entitled "Lazywear" for somewhat obvious reasons, 1.) I did not actually think this outfit through, 2.) These are a bunch of clothes put together in under 3 minutes, that is all.

(trying to hide my ferociously ginormous arms)

Absolutely Fabulous
Top: Bershka crop top
Bottoms: New Look Tartan print circle skirt
Necklace: H&M
Watch: Juicy Couture
Shoes: New Look nude flatforms 
Sunglasses: H&M

Aptly titled "Absolutely Fabulous", because I am. Just kidding, but it's obviously inspired by my crop top's print.

 ...and that is all! Since classes have started again last Monday, I'll be able to blog more than usual and post more looks because Saturdays are casual days(we wear uniforms in college, IN COLLEGE), because I am one of those unlucky kids that has classes during Saturdays. Thank you all for taking some of your precious time to check out my blog. Love you all <3

Watch out for my looks on LookBook.nu


Saturday, September 6, 2014

Looks from the past weeks! Fat Fashion Blogging- The Diary of A Fat Girl 13

Hello world of fat fashion. Here are some of the previous looks posted on my LookBook account.

Look from our College Night 8/22/2014
Top: Boy London
Bottom: Uniqlo Jeggings
Outerwear: New Look Denim Jacket
Shoes: H&M
Accessories: Chunky Dual-Tone Chain Necklace - H&M
Watch- Juicy Couture
Rings- H&M

Top: New Look
Bottom: n/a
Outerwear: H&M Kimono
Shoes: H&M
Accessories: Necklace - H&M
Watch - Jeremy Scott's Swatch collection
Rings - H&M
Look from Saturday's class 9/6/2014

Rings from H&M
Watch from Jeremy Scott's Swatch collection

Watch out for my looks on LookBook.nu

Lovelots <3

Stressful happenings

Believing that everything in life will be all butterflies & rainbows is an extremely dumb way of thinking, we've all to accept that somewhere sometime we'll be encountering a bump on our otherwise smooth road, and I've already tripped on a few.

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, there is a big responsibility sitting on my shoulders currently, that's being the president of the Business Administration department of our college - and it's proven to be quite a heavy load. Not only am I a new student(though it is not my first time in college, supposedly I should be in my third year if not for my antics), but also I am enrolled as a freshmen - and most of them have already decided to lay the life of our department in my hands. It's a very nerve-wrecking job, but I've given it my all and my best, money, time & energy, but alas, it is truly impossible to please everybody, especially those who have other ideals in mind. Every government has a weak link, we may have just found ours. As an officer, our main goal must always be for the good of the whole, never for ourselves, it is our sole task, to serve those who have put us in position, yet there are still those who only love the power, and it is inevitable. That event may have been dealt with but only a few days ago I've encountered another, even worse adversary.

Respect is earned, not given - with an exemption to the elderly, your seniors & superiors, which in some cases is quite unfortunate, given that not all of them deserve one's respect. Never in my life have I encountered a teacher so ignorant & set in her wrong ways that she even went to extremes just to shift the blame to others. Her first instance of crazy began when she wrongly accused one of our classmates for shouting in her face, which as witnessed by all, did not happen at all. The wrongly-accused classmate was simply reasoning with her as she was giving impossible instructions(first, wanting us to write a reflection as a group, then wanting it individually). He was humiliated & then slanderous things were said about him behind his back to other classes that the crazy teacher also taught. In my few years of being in school, this is the very first time that a crazy person laid their interest in me. SORRY BUT I'VE REALLY LOST ALL RESPECT FOR HER. Yet again in our class she was giving instructions that are not very plausible, or would require too much work, other than that, she AGAIN decided to put her supposed responsibility on my shoulders(she makes me write the notes on the board which are not really related to the topic, she makes me download the movies she needs for the class - not a problem but she also makes me search for movies that were shown in the freaking 1950's, and she's given me a long list of movies that most of which are not even made). As I was pointing out what's not plausible with her instructions, her hardheadedness decided to be the only functioning thing in her head, and shut off all thoughts inside her mind. Everything we've said was blocked off, with her forcing what she wants until she got angry, which we simply ignored. She then proceeded to call randomly-selected students to serve as her committee(her crazy committee haha), and with the stroke of bad luck I was one of them. While we were seated in a circle I was not facing her, but was facing my seatmate, trying to hide my obvious irritation, she called me out saying "Hoy kung nabwibwisit ka sa'kin umalis ka na" "Hoy if you're irritated by me go away", to which I responded by getting out of the circle and back to my seat. I sat back and talked to my seatmates about her rudeness & how her attitude is not what a teacher should be showing, especially in her class, I will not say what class she teaches because the school might respond yet again, opinions aren't allowed to be expressed, I think. :))

So the class moved forward, but before I forget, during that day our scheduled activity was a group performance, we had a total of five groups in class, and this activity has been delayed twice already. Before we even begin(might I add she was an hour late), she announced that we were going to be having a long quiz, without teaching us anything the previous weeks, therefore we have nothing to have a quiz about, and she wanted it to happen after a performance from 5 groups singing one song each, while already having wasted 1 hour for being late and about 30 minutes just blabbering about unimportant stuff, and was forcefully enforcing it. As students we have no choice but to move ahead, and had the performances begin at 10:00 am(the class was from 8:00 am to 10:30 am), the first group performed fine but she was not contented and had the repeat it. My group performed next and we had a quick yet very successful performance. After that she told me that our groups would be singing again during our finals which were already overloaded with her random ideas that just pop up in her mind. The third group begins to perform but since she is too busy with trying to make a play or concert of some sorts, she fails to listen to the other following groups' songs, where they gave it their all & practiced hard for it. Some of them were trying to catch her attention so as not to waste their efforts, but she didn't even pay them attention. When she decided to finally give them a little bit of her oh-so important time, she scolded them & called everybody rude and started comparing us to her students from different school.

Today I found out that she has been slandering me behind my back, saying that I screamed at her face calling her stupid & saying bad things in her face. I was dumbfounded at how uneducated & uncivilized she was acting, but it was too funny not to laugh about it, too funny that I had to share it with our dean. Haha good luck to her teaching career, forever soiled thanks to her psychosis.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Fat fashion blogging! - The Diary of a Fat Girl 12

Goodafternoon(or morning, maybe even evening), everybody!

It's been TOO LONG since I last posted, but with good reason. As I've mentioned in my previous post, schoolwork has been flooding me alongside more responsibilities school-wise, being a president of the largest department in our college is no easy feat. Also, it is confirmed that the position of batch representative has fallen in my hands.

So now for a little update on my LookBook account, which also has been left out for far too long!

Last week's look "Purrfection"
Top: New Yorker
Bottoms: Cotton On
Shoes: SM Dept. Store
Watch: Tomato-SWAP watches
Necklace: Parfois

Unexpected 'sorta-long-exposure' shot by my little sister(12 y/o) on my Samsung digicam
"We live in the night"
Jumper/dress: New Look
Shirt: Mango
Shoes: H&M
Watch: Swatch - Jeremy Scott collection
Necklace: Parfois 

It kind of sucks that I can only make and post looks every Saturday, since it's the only wash day at school(and I don't have the energy to keep making looks and pose for no other reason than posting it on LookBook).

Little tips for dressing up a chubby body:

1. Always dress for you body type. Unlike our skinny sisters that almost anything can look good on, we need to be cautious of the clothes we're wearing unless we want to look like a fat slob. We should know where our curves lie & learn to accentuate them.

2. Jeggings, leggings, yoga pants! These three are magnificent inventions that allow us to comfortably wear bottoms without having to struggle with both sizes & comfort. It's a known fact that a lot of curvier women have a hard time finding those perfect jeans that fit like a glove, thanks to a tiny waist and a huge booty, and that's when my mom bought me a pair of jeggings, and I've never had jeans-related problems ever again.

3. This isn't a universal truth, but it works greatly for me. When posing for a full body picture, make sure to have some emphasis on your shoulders, neckline/jaw, straighten your back and suck in your stomach. It gives an illusion of a slightly firmer body, although one is a bit chubby, these little improvements to your posture improves the overall look of your body.

I may be trying to lose weight but since I'm still in my chubby phase, I'm making the best out of it & still remaining confident about my features. It may not be what society deems beautiful but as long as the people that matter to me accept me as I am, then all's well. :)